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16.08.2020, 10:52 Uhr
Ronald Wendt

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15.04.2003, 19:28 Uhr
Eine neue sowjetische Kampagne und neue Einzelkarten erweitern die Gesamtzahl der Missionen im Spiel auf 134. Dazu kommen über 40 neue Ausrüstungen für neun Nationen, sowie viele neue GUI Features & Fixes bietet das kostenlose Update auf Version 1.09. Es werden wie immer keine früheren Versionen benötigt:

Zur GaW Produktseite

Die Detailliste der Änderungen (auf Englisch):

Update 1.09 3rd May 2020 (Ausf. G)

This update was done with the active help of Jean Dillmann and Zigmunds Steins. Thanks for your great contributions!

Also thanks for moral support and hints go to (alphabetical order):
DMP Forum

Germany at War now contains 9 campaings with a sum of 114 maps plus 20 single maps!


- Soviet Campaign "Soviet Dawn" with 22 maps and two branches (Thanks to Jean Dillmann for his great testing!)
The whole campaign can be found in Editor/Docs for own modifications!
- single map Rostov 1941: battle between the 1.Panzerarmee and the Southern Front
- Belgrade scenario by Jean Dillmann
- New tutorial campaign 'Art of war' by Zigmunds Steins based on Jean Dillmanns maps
- New campaign 'German Offences 1941-1942' which connects Operation Barbarossa and Fall Blau by Zigmunds Steins
- new nations France,Spain, Norway
- Expanded victory conditions for the Soviets on the single map Zhitomir 1943
- unit history with kills, names of defeated enemies and medals for special victories
- set of historical awards for the Soviet Union and Germany for designers to add to a mission victory
- new action : transfer unit to reserve of a certain army or special storage and do not display in HQ at the time.(escape hex - terminator)
- deploy cursor to differ air/land deploy of infantry
- Editor: flags in unit list for better identification
- winter texture for acre (terminator)
- names of Soviet unit bought in HQ are adjusted to match historical designations (Rifle instead of Inf. and Tank Corps for Tank Div.)
- Turn display now in panel (terminator)

- new units:


- Placeholder set transports & infantry (British)


- Renault FT-17


- Morane-Saulnier M.S.406
- Renault FT-17


- Placeholder set transports
- Infantry '39
- Morane-Saulnier M.S.406
- Renault R35
- Bunker garrison
- Canone 1897 m.1938
- Renault FT-17

Free France:

- Placeholder set transports & infantry (British)


- PzKw 35R 731(f) (captured R35)
- FK 97(p) (captured Schneider 1897)
- PzKw 17R 730(f) (captured FT-17)
- Panzer III E 37 mm gun (AngrySwan)
- Elite '43 infantry (AngrySwan)
- PzKw 747 (r) (captured T-34)
- 152 H/37 (captured ML-20)
- 2cm FlaK 38 model (Anduril & terminator)

Great Britain:

- QF 75mm Mk.I


- Placeholder set transports & infantry
- PZL P.24F


- 40mm MAVAG 36M (termninator)


- Placeholder set transports & infantry (British)


- Bunker garrison
- 7PT jw
- Renault R35
- Polish 75 mm wz. 1897
- PZL.23 KaraÅ› Bomber
- PZL P.11 Fighter
- Renault FT-17

New Zealand:

- Placeholder set transports & infantry (British)


- Placeholder set transports & infantry (British)


- Bunker garrison
- Renault R35
- IAR 80,80A,80B
- IAR 81,81A,81B,81C
- PZL P.24E
- Renault FT-17

South Africa:

- Placeholder set transports & infantry (British)


- Placeholder set transports & infantry(German '39)


- Renault R35
- Cavalry
- Bf109 E-3
- Renault FT-17

United States:

- Placeholder set transports & infantry (British)


- Game and editor crashed, if too many entries for "resources per turn" were made
- Condition "keep-units" did not work properly, if its event was revealed by another one (Condition for visibilty) and not present from the start of a map
- Date in lists of savegames was partly not readable due to sliding bar
- Designation of construction engineers in editor and on counters was partly incomplete (terminator)
- max. entrenchment for several infantry/cavalry was not on par with others (was 3 is now generally 4) (terminator)
- Improvement was active on a deployed unit if you entered the hq without selecting a unit and units were placed on the map
- formation restrictions could be avoided in improvement screen
- disabled graphic for "abondon truck" (terminator)
- Following nations had no flag :Australia,New Zealand,India, USA, South Afrika, Free France
- AA-Rostov 1941 several Soviet divisions had same name (261.Rifle Div.)
- Mini map display of supply hexes was not working (terminator)
- maps for Soviet Dawn and Western Europe were missing in campaign section of the editor (terminator)
- Editor: edit ornaments window for setting rails to "destroyed" was missing
- combat prediction was inaccurate in some cases if canons were involved (terminator)
- German translation "Die Ostfront" improved (Anduril)
- some help texts were unreadable and some German translations were missing (Anduril)
- historical events in the Kishinev 1941 maps had wrong timining (one appeared on 12.July insted 8.July another on the 15. ind´´stead of 12.) and some text issues (Anduril & AngrySwan)
- "Bunker Garrison" had typos and wrong counter colours in some cases (terminator)
- Tool tips of transport buttons in HQ lacked English translation (terminator)
- combat value preview was wrong in HQ during addition of support units (Anduril)
- Rifle companies were not displayed as support units for Tank Corps (terminator)
- Cost preview in the improvement menu showed wrong in somee cases
- Combat preview was sometimes positive when recon units or aircraft are involved (terminator)
- Riga 1941 single map: Occupation of supply centers did not trigger Soviet victory (terminator)
- Figure for the cost of repairing brigdes was wrong in the help screen (terminator)
- Repairing bridges cost ammo not resources (terminator)
- Game crashed if you took a screenshot from a savegame which scenario was not on your computer


- Exe now needs 64-bit system to fix memory issues with huge maps
- Campaign Eastern Front was expanded and changed:
Riga scenario
– the Soviets will blow the bridge near Riga if you take the city while the bridges are still controlled by the Soviets.

Tallinn scenario
– added a German headquarter to justify the Soviet airborne operation (no one would drop paratroops on the front line, an attack on the headquarter looks more logical).

Odessa scenario
– the German units available as reinforcements in the original scenario are now deployed on day 1. Deadlines for for Brilliant, Normal and Tactical victory are 5 days shorter in comparison to the original Odessa scenario.

Crimea scenario
– the German 77th bomber brigade is deployed on day 1.
– the railway has been extended, now it goes to the northern end of the map (to look more realistic).

Vjazma scenario – ‘’epic Vjazma’’ (inspired by the original standalone scenario); Soviets have the Rzhev
– Vjazma defense line and Germans have infantry divisions of Army Group Center.
– Uhnov added as the fourth victory location (historically it was taken by Das Reich division).

Tikhvin scenario – 250th ‘’Blue’’ division has the Spanish flag in version 1.09

- Kutno scenario by Jean Dillmann updates to 1.05:
- Length of the game extended to allow for a brilliant victory
- Addition of a Polish unit
- Improvement text presentation

- formation indicator of NATO counters have better contrast now (ErissN6)
- movement rules reworked to have finer steps for snow penalties for different tracks
- Panzer IV Ausf. H has same model as Ausf. J
- markers for movement and attack ability on the map more prominent
- better contrast for strength numbers
- new loading image
- all Bf110 fighter versions (adjustemnt towards bomber versions):
attack on canons -3
- Bf110 C4 due to better armor and a better machine gun (MFF/M)
attack air +1
defence infantry +1
defence air +2
costs +10
- Bf110 F2 due to better armor and based on C4:
attack air +1
defence tanks +1
defence infantry +2
defence canon +2
defence ships +2
defence air +3
range +10
costs +40
available to buy 1.1.42 - 31.12.42



- two images about new units of this update
- five films (three tutorials + two combat scenes)
- Soviet Dawn campaign tree
- Desktop motive Soviet Dawn in 1920x1080
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