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11.02.2021, 05:55 Uhr

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29.05.2020, 14:45 Uhr
If you use a regiment of 50 mm Paks as a part of your force, and they move along a road, what would they meet on their way? Sometimes, depending on the scenario, they may engage enemy tanks, but most likely they will end up fighting whatever stands in the way, and it may be a weakened enemy infantry, a half-killed bunker or, yes, a regiment of Soviet 45 mm AT guns! That is a popular unit used by the AI and the AI expects your tanks everywhere, so it may happen that two AT units fight each other. With a brigade of NbWf 41 in my panzer group (normally used as artillery support for the infantry) and the 45 mm just on its own the outcome was predictable...
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14.02.2021, 07:36 Uhr
Ronald Wendt

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15.04.2003, 19:28 Uhr
Besides the advantage of artillery support, the PaK is the deadlier weapon in this duel if both are handled equally well:

Penetrates 38 mm at 500 m (60° angle)

Penetrates 59 mm at 500 m (60° angle)
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