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21.11.2021, 14:08 Uhr

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29.05.2020, 14:45 Uhr
Early morning of June 22, 1941. The air force supporting AG South has been reinforced with StG 77 (Ju 87) besides existing KG 51 and KG 54 (Ju 88) and KG 55 (He 111). There is only one fighter brigade, JG3 (Bf 109F) but it will not be able to help all bombers so some of them will be on
their own.

As KG 51 KG 54 and 54 bomb the Soviet divisions covering the border and the infantry divisions advance, a Soviet artillery corps opens fire on the German infantry. StG 77 attacks the artillery position and KG 55 is also in the air but it does not make any airstrikes yet.

The Soviets attack the unprotected KG 54 with 2 understrength regiments (typical for the summer of 1941) and the gunners of KG 54 have a chance to show who is who in the air! The Soviet fighter regiments lose some 40% of their planes with 0 losses for KG 54.

Now the Luftwaffe reacts to the Soviet fighter attack. A battalion of FlaK Regiment 6 shoots down some MiG 3 while JG3 destroys the I16, also with 0 losses on their side.

This is the most important propaganda event for Day 1 but the Luftwaffe command understands that it could have happened the other way; JG 3 will be reorganized to fight as 3 separate regiments (I, II and III.) Regiment I also receives an additional squadron.

The situation in air, second day of the campaign.
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