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24.11.2021, 18:17 Uhr

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29.05.2020, 14:45 Uhr
Which infantry is best for the Fatherland - those who know how to kill or those who know to survive?

A soldier must know both, but even in the most aggressive campaign our infantrymen often hold the line against enemy counterattacks. The Army infantry is generally better than the enemy, so the regular infantry divisions will specialize in defense and will be better compared to enemy infantry both in attack (10:7, comparing our attack against their defense) and defense (12:8, their attack against our defense). In Lwow area two enemy infantry divisions were encircled in Lwow and Lwow East and they only made one attempt to break out - in the sector held by a flak battalion (supported by 213th artillery regiment and 430th artillery battalion).

Specialized attack staff is left for mechanized infantry units who go with fast moving panzer corps, as well as commandos/airbornes and the Elite (most of them are motorized so they will also be specialized attackers). The mountain rifle divisions are better than regular infantry in attack as well as defense so they only need supply units.

Infantry needs additional machine gun, mortar, antitank and antiair units to improve its defense (this is theory at the moment).

Infantry attack against enemy tanks, especially the new types (a division with tanks of a new type was destroyed by the 1st Panzer group in Lwow area) is the weak point of the Army. The infantry may improve its defense but it will never be good in attacks against new enemy tanks.
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