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07.01.2023, 15:33 Uhr

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29.05.2020, 14:45 Uhr
Odessa was one of the Soviet strongholds in the Black Sea region and held until the Soviets retreated. So the scenario is, for the Romanian side, easier than it historically. The deadilne for BV in the Ostfront scenario (adding the German reinforcements on Turn 1 and reducing the number of victory turns for the Romanians) is 2 weeks.

The scenario has some "WWI feeling" although even German armies sometimes have few tanks and Operation Typhoon is the only part of the campaign with large numbers of tanks.

The Romanians have infantry (mostly divisions and 2 fortress brigades as well as 1 cavalry unit) and 105 mm howitzers. Their air force assists them with He 111 bombers and Bf 109 fighters. The scenario of the Ostfront campaign also features a Sturmpionier battalion, a squadron of Stuka bombers, a squadron of Bf 109 fighters and a battalion of 21 M18 mortars. The Romanians lack the speed and firepower of German mechanized units and the German combat engineer battalion is only one unit so it must be used carefully and protected by Romanian infantry units: artillery fires, the Sturmpionier battalion attacks and the Romanians move forwards securing the new front line. The Romanian airfield is protected by a battalion of 88 mm flaks that can (in theory) see action in case of a Soviet airstrike on the German airfield.

The infantry moves in a line supported by 105 mm artillery in 2 groups of 2 battalions per group or 1 large group of 4 battalions (in the last days of the operation fighting for the city itself). The main targets for the bombers are the Soviet artillery positions and maybe the AD positions (sometimes a combined artillery/air attack can be used against these). As the Soviets have deployed several anti-tank battalios with wagons, these can be targets in the air as soon as the Soviet air force is taked out.

Infantry needs to be kept at maximum strength or close to that and no one tries to be a dead hero, that role goes to the Soviets. As Army Group South is low on resources after Smolensk, this is a good scenario for regaining some resource points, and relatively easier compared to Smolensk and Kiev - which does not man it is an easy scenario.

If there is a Sturmpionier battalion in the scenario (Ostfront campaign) it can attack the Soviet defense lines and finish the battle with the final attack on the city. Officers in command must remember that a battalion of Sturmpioniere is not a full strength German division and has its limits, so it needs artillery support and cannot hold the line when its attack is over. With the right kind of support and tactics, the Sturmpionier battalion can be quite successful in this battle.
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