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23.12.2020, 08:46 Uhr

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29.05.2020, 14:45 Uhr
This is the AAR based on the new version 109 of the game. Some time ago I started an AAR in Matrix Games forum, but with version 1.09 released and some new ideas this is now the ''official'' AAR for the 1941 Eastern Front campaign.

The Directive finalized

It is June 1941 and two major powers are left in the continental part of Europe - but there can only be one of them. The General Staff has been working on Operation Barbarossa and some changes in the plans have been made.
- The overoptimistic plan of wining the war in 2 months is, after some debates, discarded. A few people have read Napoleon's memories; the final version is a 2 years campaign.
- Where to strike? The final decision is to strike with all three army groups in full strength in 1941, the objectives by the end of the year are Leningrad, Moscow and Rostow.
Murmansk in the north is a separate operation and will not be a part of this report [this scenario is under development, there is a map and a Panzer General II scenario that can be converted.]
At some points one sector can be more important than others and the main sector may switch, although the field marshals always remember Moscow as their main objective.
- Importance of propaganda. Although this is not the soldiers' business at all, it is important to provide evidence that the Soviets are the aggressors or, at least, none of the sides is much better than the other one. If the Soviets make threatening moves on day 1 that would be enough of evidence.

The advance

The main strike force are fast moving mechanized corps; each of them consists of several Panzer divisions, some armed with Pz IV E or F and most with Pz III H or J. These panzer units are followed by mobile infantry, a battlegroup of 2 motorized divisions (since a mobile division is in fact a brigade, it makes sense to have a strong division instead of ) 2 brigades. Each panzer group will have a brigade of Nebelwerfers (2 regiments) and a motorized Elite division. Although some people in the General Staff see the Elite as competitors to the Army, and think there should not be too many of them, these mobile divisions are a strong addition to the mechanized corps.
[In the Arkhangelsk-Astrakhan the Elite are non-core units; in this campaign they are core and can be used in several scenarios and be upgraded. The idea was to have a more accurate OOB.]

The Soviets

No one really knows what they are doing; although the propaganda talks about the ''red Blitzkrieg that can only be prevented by Operation Barbarossa'', the Soviets seem to be less prepared; but that does not mean they are not prepared at all...

So it is night of June 21, 1941. The Soviets have received some very late intel that Germany is about to strike; but this intel has little value if any at all. Just one look at the map tells that the other side will strike; every school child can tell that; the question is where and how?

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