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10.07.2022, 18:10 Uhr

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29.05.2020, 14:45 Uhr
Bad weather reduces the efficiency of airstrikes and air to air combat but sometimes it helps n missions that could not be done in normal weather.
AG Antonescu, Kishinev direction. Day 1. The weather is clear and the Romanian forces start an attack on the Soviet fortified area near Hincesti. The attack is supported by artillery and bombers, Romanian and German. The German fighters of JG 77 "Ace of Hearts" provide escort to bombers while the Romanian fighter squadron is expanded to a full regiment.
Day 2. The weather is clear but forecasts for next day indicate that it will be cloudy. The Soviets try to bomb the Romanian artillery but run into German Bf 109s and suffer some losses. Soviet fighters are also spotted in the area and the German and Romanian fighters destroy them, with small losses for the Romanians. The Il-2 bombers retreat to their airfield. The German and Romanian bombers fly recon missions and spot Soviet AA guns near the airfield.
Day 3. The weather gets cloudy and fighters are actually blind. The German bomber group KG 27 attacks the airfield bombing the probable position of the Soviet bombers. The Soviet AA guns are also blind and do not fire.
Lesson from this story: bad weather reduces the efficiency of planes but with some creative thinking it can be used for exploiting success of the day before and finishing a weakened enemy.
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