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29.04.2024, 21:28 Uhr

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29.05.2020, 14:45 Uhr
This is the story of the 1941 campaign. It will be published in parts, approximately one scenario a week.

The game has been published on Steam some time ago but I am not aware of any AARs, so I may as well make one.

The storyline will follow what happens in game, which should be close to the historical events until the last scenarios.

House rules

No Fw190 on the Eastern front in 1941 even if the unit is available for recruiting.

German plans

Germany plans to attack with three army groups having detailed plans for the first objectives and general directives later. The initial plan of winning the war in 6-8 weeks has been dismissed as too optimistic. The new plan is for two campaigns, reaching Ladoga-Moscow-Rostow line by the end of 1941 and spending the winter there, so the Army is prepared for a winter campaign. The objective for late 1942 is the Arkhangelsk - Volga line.

Soviet plans

Although the propaganda people want to make a story of potential Soviet aggression, in reality the Soviets are not ready for an all-out offensive, at least not on the whole front. But they are not totally helpless either. The German bases in East Prussia (Memel and Ebenrode) are close to the border and the Soviets may at least threaten them with a few divisions. Altogether the Soviet high command is quite confident. They have enough resources so even if the USSR is suddenly attacked, they hope they will soon stop the invaders. 20 years of reading Arkady Gaidar's civil war stories and the results of border fights with the Japanese give them that confidence. But this time they will not be facing the White Guard or the Japanese...

And so, the campaign begins...

... June 22, 1941, approximately 4 a.m. All is quiet on the Soviet side but silence is deceptive, as they will soon find out...

(Next chapter: Lwow)

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