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20.01.2021, 11:21 Uhr

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29.05.2020, 14:45 Uhr
It is the very beginng of the 18th century. Freiherr von Thun living south of Dresden wants to establish connections with the governor of Prague, arranging the governor's marriage with his daughter, beautiful Hedwig. However, Hedwig is in love with a local baron Filip von Mengstein, quite well off but by no means as rich and influential as the governor who is a Graf. Hedwig refuses to marry the governor and tells her father that she loves Filip. Von Thun is angry and sends his daughter to a monastery; she now loses the status of a baroness and must become a nun very soon.

Filip receives a desperate letter from Hedwig and becomes a leader of robbers, Lips Tullian. With his ''elite robbers'' (the Black Guard) and the help of some other gangs he attacks the monastery and rescues Hedwig before she has been made a nun.

Lips Tullian, leading his ''black elite'' gang and some other gangs, starts a series of robber attacks in the area of Dresden and some parts of Bohemia (now Czechia) in order to gain enough wealth to support himself and Hedwig. But he cannot remain a robber forever, as Hedwig gets more and more upset about who her sweetheart now is, and may as well return to the monastery, now voluntarily, if Filip does not give up robbery. He must also take part in battles, at least be on the field, otherwise the robbers will not trust him as a leader, and not get killed as that will also break Hedwig's heart. So he goes for a ''blitz campaign'' of robber attacks to gather enough wealth and then take Hedwig to another area where they would be unknown, to marry her and live together.
Possibly, a cash with another gang (as in the story which inspired this idea).

Sides: German units on both sides; flags may differ
Units: only infantry an cavalry, also bunker garrisons (fortified houses and castles).
Battles: infantry vs infantry (the idea has been tested on a Kharkov summer map), maybe some occasional artillery
Terrain: small Western European towns
Names: from the story of Kvidon of Felses or some actual place names from the area

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