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18.03.2021, 15:25 Uhr

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29.05.2020, 14:45 Uhr
After finding a collection of German map scans I need to revise Army Group North. After Riga it is split into three forces and fights three separate missions: Estonia, Luga and Staraja Russa.

Bialystok scenario has been added before Minsk and tested several times. A border crossing scenario using an existing map.

There is a Kharkov map converted to summer from Dritte Kharkov, and an OOB. Still need to figure out if Kharkov interferes with Rostov. Due to shortage of fighters, AGS will have to do Kharkov first and then go to Rostov if successful. If Kharkov fails, the commander will be dismissed anyway - the HQ is very demanding and will tolerate only minor failures, like Romanians not taking Odessa or the 11th army failing in Crimea.

Also there is a Brjansk map and an OOB for Brjansk encirclement. The deep moves of the panzer group are not so interesting (moving panzers over an empty map) but there are infantry battles near Brjansk (assuming that the Soviets hold it instead of retreating to the East).

The Kalinin scenario needs events and texts, depending on how things go in the real life front.
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